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Get superior under-the-helmet warmth and protection with these winter liners, Choose Supreme, Select or Value in any of four different styles, including flame-retardant and flame-resistant models.

  • Delivers extra warmth and protection under safety helmets
  • Supreme liners offer three layers of true flame resistance (FR) and superior resistance to arc exposure (ATPV of 8 cal/cm2)
  • Select liners can be laundered up to 50 times without affecting flame retardancy
  • Many models offer quilted earflaps so earmuffs can be used without compromising hearing protection levels
  • Adjustable chinstrap or extended neck closure helps ensure comfortable fit
  • Available in 18 different styles


Markets: Construction, Oil & Gas
Applications: Welding

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.

MSA liner range is auto-certified Category 1 according to the annex II of the PPE directive. In addition, all liners have been added to the MSA V-Gard safety helmets certificates after checking of penetration and shocks test EN 397 when used with helmets.

Flame retardancy= Tested according to ISO EN 14116: 2008, Test Reports 6565-15msa/6565-16msa

Water repellence= Grade 3 according to AATCC 22-2010. JTC Test reports

Arc Exposure= Tested according to Arc Thermal Performance Value of min. 8 cal/cm2 testing to ASTM F1959. Report numbers 1108P33/ 1106P17

Antistatic performance tested according to EN13463-1

For all details/explanations please see the technical datasheet