Ergotech Action 2

MSA Bristol’s Ergotech Action 2 design, developed after careful research and extensive user trials into the ergonomics of firefighter activities most frequently involved in day-to-day firefighting, has become the standard by which lightweight firefighter PPE is measured for comfort and performance.

Ergotech Action incorporates the latest technical fabrics and has been designed and developed in close collaboration with the world’s leading fibre and fabric manufacturers and has become a globally recognised design by fire authorities looking to equip their firefighters with PPE which combines class leading protection with low physiological impact. Coupled with the use of more advanced fabrics  Ergotech Action 2 is the perfect choice for those users seeking a fantastic balance between cost and performance. 

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Ergotech Action 2
Ergotech Action 2
Main features
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure maximum freedom of movement
  • Special shoulder shaping makes for greater comfort when wearing breathing apparatus whilst greater reach manoeuvrability is achieved by incorporating a larger underarm gusset.
  • Contoured trouser top with raised back and elastic fit
  • Collar and throat tab shape provide optimal compatibility with helmet and fire hood
  • Shoulder shape and increased upper sleeve allow full rotational mobility in shoulder and arm
  • Shaped panel over the shoulder eliminates the shoulder seam and makes a smoother line with greater comfort when wearing breathing apparatus
  • Increased underarm gusset allows more manoeuvrability when reaching overhead
  • Two action pleats added at the back shoulder
  • Articulated knees with convex seams around the knee for greater flexibility when bending/climbing
  • Shaped seaming on back of knee to reduce fullness when crawling
  • Top of trouser contoured to the body with raised back and elasticated adjustment across lumbar region
  • H pattern braces
  • Two large half bellow pockets
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Approvals / Standards
Australian standard AS 4967:2019
CEN standard EN469 2020 Level 2
NFPA standard NFPA 1971:2018
General Industry
Oil & Gas
Fire Service

In common with most MSA Bristol firefighter PPE offerings, Ergotech Action is available in 28 male and female sizes and comes in a range of 8 colours with others available as special order options.

STOCKED STYLE: A choice of three stock styles are currently available, which feature the most popular elements of the company’s existing top-quality ranges. Although ready-made, all stock PPE can be personalised by adding a heat-sealed patch to the back of each coat, a name to the front, and a name to each trouser. For comprehensive information refer to our EN469 and NFPA stock styles Brochure (Literature section).

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country. Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.
Manufactured to the following standards (depending on the models)
  • CEN standard EN469 2020 Level 2
  • EN1149.5
  • EN343
  • AS/NZS 4967:2009
Part Number(s)

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