ALTAIR® Family Gas Detectors

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MSA's ALTAIR® Family,
A Smart Solution You Can Rely On

The real strength of our Portable Gas Detectors comes from our sensor technology that enable faster response. Save seconds on response time and save lives now with MSA's range of gas detection instruments:

Single & Two Gas Detectors
ALTAIR®: Maintenance-free Single Gas Detector
ALTAIR® PRO: Durable Single Gas Detector
ALTAIR® 2X: Single Gas & Two-Gas Detector powered by MSA XCell® Sensors

Multigas Detectors
ALTAIR® 4X: Compact Multigas Detector powered by MSA XCell® Sensors
ALTAIR® 5X Wireless: Versatile Multigas Detector powered by MSA XCell® Sensors

System & Software
GALAXY® GX2: Easy-to-use, Automated Test System
MSA Link Pro Software: Easy and Proactive Gas Detection Fleet Management Program

With less time spent on calibration and bump tests, you save calibration gas, maintenance costs, and in turn, save money.



Detector Selection by Gas Types

  H₂S CO O₂ ClO₂ HCN PH₃ SO₂ NO₂ Cl₂ NH₃ NO VOC Combustible
ALTAIR® x x x                    
ALTAIR® PRO     x x x x              
ALTAIR® 2X x x         x x x x      
ALTAIR® 4X x x x       x x         x
ALTAIR® 5X Wireless x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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