SSR 90 (K 60)

This chemical oxygen apparatus provides oxygen on demand during gas outbursts, fires and after explosions. Designed especially for self-rescue, the unit is housed in a robust stainless steel case and can be carried along or kept on site. Provides 60 minutes of rescue oxygen and up to 5 hours while awaiting rescue.

The TR device allows quick and economic training of donning and use by simulating the weight and properties of real units

  • Chemical oxygen rescue apparatus
  • Provides 1 to 5 hours of oxygen, supplied according to demand
  • Fast and easy donning
  • Can be reconditioned after use
  • Training apparatus available

Markets: Chemical, Utilities, Utilities, Construction, Government, Mining, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment
Applications: Confined Space, Search & Rescue, Tactical/SWAT Teams

Packing Aid for SSR90 Part Pack of 5


Clamps, small, SSR90, spare part, each 5 pcs


Self Rescuer, SSR 90


Self Rescuer, SSR 90, NSW Coal Mines Registered

EN 13794 class K60S