Eye Protection

ChemPro Goggles

These high quality chemical goggles protect against all types of chemical, liquid and metal splash as well as coarse dust. Ideal for laboratory work, chemical handling, and stone dressing. Can be worn comfortably with prescription glasses or alone. Indirect venting permits proper air circulation while protecting against chemical or dust entry.
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Flexifold Goggles

These full-frame goggles offer universal fit and superior eye protection. Featuring dust- and waterproof sponge cupping, they're ideal for environments with concentrations of fine particles, powder or dust, as well as chemical splash. A flexible frame, polycarbonate lenses and anti-fog properties enhance fit, comfort and performance.
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FlexiPlus Goggles

FlexiPlus Protective
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Instinct Z4 Eyewear

 Instinct Z4
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Premier Eyewear

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MSA Z5 Eyewear

Z5 Sun Tough Spectacles. Available in Smoke, Smoke Polarised, Sunset Mirror and Sunset Mirror Polarised variants.
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